'The Irregular At Magic High School' Movie Release Date Confirmed For June 17

The official website for "The Irregular at Magic High School" announced the release date for its new movie. "Gekijōban Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei: Hoshi o Yobu Shojo" ("The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls the Stars") will premiere in Japan on June 17.

Set in a world where there is magic,"The Irregular at Magic High School" follows a pair of sibling Tatsuya and Miyuki. Tatsuya is considered to be magically inept while his younger sister is one of the most powerful magicians and a candidate as a successor of their clan. When they were young, Tatsuya's brain was manipulated and he cannot feel love aside love for his sister and he became her bodyguard.

The two enrolled in a magic high school where Miyuki was considered the best student in her grade while Tatsuya, despite being the highest scorer in the entrance test was considered one of the lowest. However, Tatsuya has a unique magical ability to decompose, reconstruct, and detonate matter. This makes him an irregular yet powerful magician with monstrous ability comparable to a national weapon. In fact, Miyuki considers him the most powerful magician although his magic cannot be measured by regular means. He is also very good at magic engineering and works under the name of Taurus Silver.

The "The Irregular at Magic High School" movie was announced in the original light novel last year according to Otaku Vines. It will follow an original plot written by author Tsutomu Satou. In the spring after Tatsuya and Miyuki finish their first year in high school, the two will go into their villa in Ogasawara Island archipelago. They are enjoying their small vacation when a woman named Kokoa appears before them.

Kokoa's appears like a very young woman but her real identity is mysterious -- she is a deserter from the National Defense Navy's. She abandoned the naval base and tells Tatsuya her one wish. The movie is produced by Madhouse Studio.

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