Stem Cell Finally Sheds Light To Down Syndrome: Is It The Most Awaited Cure For The Genetic Disorder?

Long before, Down syndrome has been noted to be a type of chromosomal disorder that leads to impairments in both cognitive ability and physical growth that range from mild to moderate developmental disabilities. Recently, the condition has once again been put to the spotlight after an Indian clinic has claimed that it has used stem cells to treat Down's syndrome in up to 14 people. Jyoti Titus, manager at Nutech Mediworld clinic in New Delhi, India, believes that this has actually been the first time that stem cells have been used to treat Down's syndrome.

Stem Cell Treatment

According to reports revealed by New Scientist, experts have highly emphasized that it yet unclear as to how an independent stem cell that is known to have the ability of forming many types of tissue, might treat Down's, a genetic disorder caused by having an extra chromosome. As of the press time time, clinically approved stem cell therapies are only just starting to become available. It was found that the first time it has gained regulatory approval, the procedure has been conducted in Japan.

Stem Cell Finally Sheds Light To Down Syndrome

Meanwhile, as per National Post, Nutech Mediworld was said to reportedly charge US$5,000 to $6,000 per week for its stem cell-based therapies. The clinic explains that it has already treated such incurable conditions as spinal cord injury and cerebral palsy. In one of her statements, medical director Geeta Shroff, has revealed that some of her patients have even regained the ability to walk with the assistance of walkers.

Furthermore, in one of her latest endeavors, Shroff has allegedly begun working with Down syndrome, one of the most common chromosomal disorders worldwide. In a single case which has been published last year, Shroff reported treating a two-month-old baby boy in September 2014 diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. Ultimately, it was found that after having two stem cell therapy sessions, the medical director has reported that the baby started babbling and crawling.


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