Julian Assange´s Asylum Could Be In A Serious Threat

WikiLeaks is facing one of its most delicate moments, given the fact that its leader Julian Assange might be evicted from the Ecuadorean embassy, after Ecuador´s presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso assured that he will end his asylum if he´s elected. Naturally, this is something that represents a huge threat to WikiLeaks future, considering that this is an organization which structure has been characterized for being extremely vertical.

Ecuador´s Next President Might End Julian Assange´s Asylum

In fact, Lasso explained that he would give Assange a month´s notice to leave the embassy since he believes that a costly asylum is no longer justified. Of course, the setback would be extremely huge and will put Julian Assange into a quite critical situation, given the fact that he has lived for four and a half year in the Ecuadorean embassy. Actually, what seems to be the most crucial detail about this controversy, is that even in the case that Lasso doesn't get elected, it is quite possible that the next Ecuadorean president will also make this same move against Julian Assange, which put WikiLeaks´ leader into some kind of labyrinth which exit remains unknown.

WikiLeaks Could Enter Into A Whole New Era

If he doesn't solve this situation, it is quite possible that Julian Assange ends up getting extradited to Sweden to face the accusations of sexual assault, or even in the U.S. Naturally, this would put WikiLeaks into one of its most difficult moments, considering that Assange is its main leader, and his absence would be extremely harmful for the organization, to the point in which it can't be discarded a possible closure.

Nevertheless, considering that there are still some months before the outcome is officially known, WikiLeaks might start to take some measures to offset what could do good for Julian Assange, but even if the organization takes the best decision and make the greatest move, it wouldn't be the same without himWikiLeaks could be facing its end or the beginning of a weaker era.

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