‘Horizon Zero Dawn' Will Also Feature Human Enemies

Probably one of the biggest draws of Horizon Zero Dawn is the robotic creatures that prowl the (beautifully rendered) environment of post-apocalyptic Earth, and some wonder if those are the only enemies that will be encountered in the game. The developers, however, have confirmed that human enemies will also be present in Horizon Zero Dawn.

When asked on Twitter if humans will also be a present threat in Horizon Zero Dawn, game director, Mathjis de Jonge, confirmed that human enemies will also be present in the game. Judging by the story trailer for HZD, it looks like the protagonist, Aloy, will be going up against a cult of humans who seem to be up to no good.

Seeing that the world of Horizon Zero Dawn portrays the robots as a special breed of animal, it doesn't look like the robots will function as a primary antagonist in the game. Just like in The Elder Scrolls V or any other RPG, the only reason the robots will probably attack Aloy is because they are protecting themselves.

According to The Bitbag, some players have been considering Horizon Zero Dawn as the Monster Hunter for Sony. A big difference however, is that Monster Hunter didn't feature any human vs. human fights at all. HZD is also said to have a play-style that prefers timing and countering attacks as compared to non-stop offenses.

Horizon Zero Dawn looks to be one spectacle of a game, and rumors have come out that the higher-ups at Sony are very happy with the finished product. The game will be the first title from Guerrilla Games that deviates from the Killzone franchise that they're best known for. Hopefully PS4 players will be happy once they get their hands on Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games for the PS4, and it's set to hit shelves this coming Feb. 28.

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