Ex-Soldier Has Not Part Ways With A 17-Year-Old Functioning Nokia 3310

By Andy Franco , Feb 10, 2017 11:54 AM EST

A 49-year-old retired soldier by the name of Dave Mitchell can claim one of the rarest things on the planet as of the moment. He has been using his Nokia 3310 for a very long time. To be specific, Mitchell has been using the cell phone for 17 years.

He is still using the phone on a daily basis and said that he would feel distraught at the thought of having to part ways with the device. Mitchell is proud to say that the cell phone would only need to be charged once every ten days. The Nokia 3310 would even always have four bars of signal. It's no wonder why he would grow attached to it. He even says he does not even really need a smartphone.

"For me, a phone is for making and receiving calls and texts," said Mitchell. He was given a new phone that had access to the Internet by his son but he did not want it. The Nokia 3310 has a calculator and games like Snake 2 whenever he gets bored. Mitchell adds that his needs are very basic.

The Nokia 3310 cellphone which was announced in September of 2000 never left Mitchell's side when he was sent to Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan or Germany. According to Mitchell, the device has undergone many mishaps like being thrown, stepped on, dropped, beat up in the washing machine and bathed in hot curry sauce.

"Whenever something happens to my Nokia, I just have to click it back together again," said the United Kingdom based army man. "It seems to be made of kryptonite."

Old Nokia models have been known for their enduring quality. For people who might want to ride on the nostalgia train and get themselves a Nokia 3310 may be dismayed. However, they can always go and check out Nokia's fist android phone, which has been reportedly successful.

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