'Syberia 3' Release Date Confirmed On April 25, Unveils New Trailer

Microid, the creators of Syberia 3 and rest of Syberia games, announced the game way back five years ago. Syberia 3 took almost 13 years before having a sequel to its very own Syberia series. Awesome footages were seen at the E3 last year along with the game's December launch date. However, the game's release date was later delayed into the New Year. Now, Kate Walker (The Protagonist) will have her release on April 20 in Europe and April 25 for North America.

Syberia 3 Newest Trailer Features Protagonist Kate Walker

Along with the good news is the game's newest trailer, which shows the protagonist Kate Walker washed ashore and being rescued by Youkol tribe (Nomadic people who carry their ostriches during snow storms). Being imprisoned in the city of Valsembor, both Kate and the Youkol tribe are tasked with overcoming, defeating their enemies and, in line with the series' point-and-click gameplay, solving millions of puzzles and "surprising" challenges.

Furthermore, after leaving the island, Kate Walker finds herself drifting on a makeshift boat, rescued by the Youkol people. With the urge to escape their common enemies, Kate Walker decides to help the nomads fulfill their unusual ancestral tradition, as they accompany their snow ostriches on their seasonal migration.

The New Adventure Of Kate Walker

"After years of expectations, we are glad to offer to our fans a first overview of the universe imagined by Benoit Sokal and set to music by Inon Zur," said the Vice President of Microids, Elliot Grassiano. He further added "This first trailer will transport them in Kate Walker's new adventure, they will learn more about her fellow companions and the obstacles they are going to face."

As remembered, in April 2009, Microids announced that the game will be released for PC and PlayStation 3 platform but sad to say, later in June 2010, the company announced that the game will miss its original release date because the company's negotiation with its partner went south.

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