Bandai Namco Confirms April Release Date For Survival Game 'Impact Winter'

Impact Winter is a post-apocalyptic survival adventure game, which was set eight years after the so-called "catastrophe," where an asteroid collision that almost wiped out Earth's population and buried the planet in a new ice age era. This event resulted in a lowered temperature of the planet and buried it in a continuous snowfall. Players will take part as Jacob Solomon, the leader of a group of survivors teamed up in a remote isolated church. Jacob's story begins after a mysterious radio transmission was intercepted.

Acting as Jacob Solomon, players need to march together with four fellow teammates to build a base in the snow and survive until the said help comes, that was promised by a mysterious radio transmission. Which only means that the game is about keeping up the morale, surviving in the frozen wasteland, scavenging for supplies and defending the base from potential threats. In addition, Jacob will not be alone out there. Each member of Jacob's team has a unique area of expertise, along with the multi-function, upgradeable (Swiss knife-like) robot Ako-Light, which will help in exploring the devastated world.

The game world of Impact Winter has no barriers, it is a non-linear sandbox for a lot of players to explore. With Impact Winter, players will need to choose from doing various activities such as taking shelter from fierce storms, set-up camp during long expeditions, hunt wildlife at night, dig for buried secrets, investigate mysterious signals, commanding the team back at the Church, trading with wandering Nomads, upgrading base and a lot more.

Scavenging is a key success for surviving in the game. Robot Ako-Light's limited inventory will result in some tough choices. Impact Winter has a very unforgiving and hostile environment, wherein the smallest details and decisions can result from a very big difference. That's the horrific state of Jacob in the world of Impact Winter survival game, which was originally announced last 2015, The game's publisher, Bandai Namco, has announced that Impact Winter will be released on April 12 this year.

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