New Survival Game 'Impact Winter' To Be Released This April

Players who love survival games are in for a treat as a new game named "Impact Winter" by Mojo Bones is set to be released. The game is all about survival in a post-apocalyptic winter era where a gigantic asteroid hits the Earth and sends up tons and tons of debris in the atmosphere that blocks out the sun. Exciting as it may sound for players, Impact Winter went under some changes before becoming a reality.

Mojo Bones On "Impact Winter"

In an article by GAMEREACTOR, Stuart Ryall and Mark Norman from Mojo Bones mentioned that Impact Winter started out on 2D, but as time passed by, they decided to make the game in 3D. They also think that the initial conceptual phases of character creation naturally filters down into art style.

Another thing is that they don't get influenced directly because they don't want the game to be compared to anything similar. However, the influences for the game came from the likes of John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg.

What The Game Is All About

Players take control of Jacob Solomon as he and a group of 4 other survivors with their robot Ako-Light try to endure the unrelenting winter the asteroid impact has caused. After hearing a mysterious broadcast promising of help after 30 days, Jacob and the survivors must do anything to stay alive until that promise of help arrives. Players need to scavenge for supplies on the frozen tundra, keep morale up, and fight any danger approaching them.

Each member of the group has a unique area of expertise that the player can utilize, while the robot Ako-Light is an upgradeable companion which is important in exploring the world of Impact Winter.

Hopefully, the game would prove to be one of a kind that sets itself apart from the usual survival game. Impact Winter is expected to be released on April 12, 2017, on PC. However, there are plans on releasing the game on other consoles, but no date has been confirmed yet.

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