Microsoft Cortana Will Take Note Of Promises You Make

Cortana, the assigned virtual assistant of Microsoft, is now being built to remind users of the promises they previously made. The feature was announced sometime in January of this year.

Cortana's new feature, which is called Suggested Reminders, utilizes deep machine learning AI so it can make users remember things without even having to ask for it. The new Cortana feature will only available for users of the Windows 10 operating system. Android and iOS device users won't have to worry as they will reportedly be receiving the new feature later.

An email message that contains a deadline will trigger Cortana to remind users before the date arrives. To use the updated feature, users won't have to particularly activate anything. Windows 10 users can just casually go about their business as Cortana works in the background. Understandably, users who do not want to be bothered with any of this can also just opt to not give Cortana communication consent.

However, Cortana's new feature can only work on the emails found on Outlook or messages sent through the Office 365 account for business and school. No worries, Microsoft is working on making the feature available to other email services. This feature, Microsoft had been testing among Windows Insider participants, initially but now it is available to all.

Cortana has already received a few tweaks from Microsoft in December of 2016. The changes were made to make the personal assistant more efficient. This was to make the virtual assistant stand out from competitors like Amazon's Alexa. The latest beta version of Cortana on Android devices will also display the Cortana icon when it turns on. Users can just swipe the icon to access the panel and communicate with the virtual assistant. Essentially, users will be able to instantly use Cortana while the device stays in screen locked mode.

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