Sonos To Release A Speaker Packed With Amazon's Alexa

Last March, Sonos has announced regarding its plans to introduce voice control and made it clear that they are not doing it just because their rivals are doing it as well. And in a blog post last year, John MacFarlen, the former CEO of Sonos, posted that the company is taking the long view on how to bring voice-enabled music experiences into the home. Now, it seems that Sonos has finally figured it out because the company will soon be releasing a speaker by the end of the year that is packed with Amazon's Alexa assistant.

How Does It Work?

According to Patrick Spence, the CEO of Sonos, Alexa will be able to control Sonos-made speakers. Essentially, this means that owners of Sonos will be able to tell their Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Tap to play music over Sonos speakers without uttering any additional phrases.

Currently, that action requires its users to add the phrase "on Sonos" after telling Alexa what music to play. But in the near future, that requirement will be eliminated and no longer necessary.

What Stage Is Sonos In Completing That Technology Right Now?

Sonos is still planning to test complete support for Alexa in the upcoming months. Apparently, the company will hold a closed beta before they will roll out the new speakers packed with Amazon's Alexa Assistant.

More Exciting Things To Come From Sonos

Spence also mentioned that Alexa won't be the only digital assistant that their speakers will feature. They also plan to start utilizing more digital assistants just like they are currently supporting numerous streaming devices.

Aside from the fact that they have previously announced regarding their intention to add Amazon's Alexa to their products over the course of this year, the company has confirmed that their speakers will support the upcoming Control smart switch, which is developed by Brilliant Home Technology. They also revealed how they are aiming to partner and compete with Amazon and Google.

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