‘General Hospital' Spoilers February 13-17: Haunted By The Past, Anna Is In Deep Trouble

Last week's edition of the episodic "General Hospital" is quite amusing. There were a lot of tensions in the neighborhood but Anna is getting the worst of it. Will she be able to survive the situation that she is currently in right now?

Anna’s Misery Continues

Fans really feel bad for Finola Hughes who plays the role of Anna. It seems that she is having no luck with anything that is going on with her life. She is showing sign of hopelessness and trying to look for certain answers. Anna is having constant issues with her health as well and it is getting worst as the show progress. However, an unlikely help will arrive and it will be one of the shockers in this week's episode.

Madness All Over The Place

As they say, do not deal with the devil or the devil will have to deal with you. Tonja Walker, who plays an exceptional role of Olivia, will show everybody that mind games are her expertise. She seems to be a second ahead against her contemporaries. Julian will feel that his time as a “ruler” is almost over as he feels powerless in one of the segments. On the other hand, Ava still doesn’t have any idea on the mess that they are in.

Franco Is Still Haunted By His Past

Everybody needs a second chance but it's easier said than done for Franco. He is currently having a time of his life with Liza. But Franco is still being haunted by his past. It is fully documented that the series of mishap that had happened to Franco is a nightmare for anybody.

Drugs Kill

There was a recent thread about how long Finn(Michael Easton) will last in "General Hospital". Finn has a drug addiction that seems to get the better of him. Some fans hope that the recovery will help him but Griffin is not convinced about it.

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