Organ Trafficking: Vatican Says It Is A Crime Against Humanity

Vatican invited China in the organ trafficking summit. Some medical experts and ethicists were not happy about it. They are clamoring about the practice of China using executed prisoners as organ donors. Dr. Huang Jiefu, chairman of China's national organ donation and transplant body reported the accusation and the practice are no longer being implemented. Perhaps the invitation of China in the summit could help with the organ trafficking problem in their country.

Fight Against Organ Trafficking Globally

On the summit held at the Vatican February 7-8, participants signed a statement agreeing they will participate in fighting against organ trafficking. There are 11 proposals submitted for the implementation of health care and law enforcement professionals around the world. It is the main objective of the summit. Participants were composed of about 80 doctors, law enforcement officials and representatives of health and non-government organizations from around the world. They reported on the progress about fighting organ trafficking in their respective countries.

The World Health Organization presented data on the number of the scarcity of organ donors versus the organ transplants needed to be done each year. They believe that this organ donor demand could possibly have a broad drive to organ trafficking. According to the Insider Monkey, most of the victims exposed to organ trafficking are those who are poor, migrants and refugees. These classified people are most of the time forced to trade their organs in exchange for money or transportation to more stable countries.

The Recommendations As Future Solutions

If the recommendations will be determined and implemented all over the world if proven useful and effective. One recommendation involves the establishment of legal frameworks. These recommendations deal with governmental approaches to laws surrounding organ and human trafficking and their enforcement. This is highlighting that organ trafficking must be acknowledged a crime all over the world.

According to the Catholic Organization, all organ procurement and transplants must be registered in an appropriate data shared with international databanks. Healthcare professionals should be educated and guided on the right and legal organ transplant and guidelines about organ trafficking. It is also suggested that if possible, provide the resources to achieve self-sufficiency in organ donation at a national level.

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