HIV Infection: Chinese Hospital Accidentally Infects Patients

An accidental HIV infection occurred in a Chinese hospital when a doctor unintentionally reused medical equipment to about five patients. The doctor reused dirty needles during treatment. The doctor that performed the severe violation of procedure is under investigation. The malpractice happened in Chinese medicine hospital in the eastern city of Hangzhou.

The HIV infection has spread, when the doctor failed to dispose of the used needles. There are about five patients who were infected. The people who heard about the incident, were anxious about it. The fear that it might happen again due to poor medical practice. However, further news about the incident were blocked.

Government’s Response

The health authority did not further disclose details on the incident. Like how many are the total number of patients infected. And what was it supposed to be the original treatment for. From the UN data shows that China has around 500,000 cases of HIV and AIDS at the end of 2014. The Chinese government announced that they are doing drastic actions against the spread of HIV infection. The government said that those patients infected in the current incident will receive compensation and will be given proper treatment. Provincial authorities said they were informed about the incident January 26.

A Look Back Of A Past Malpractice

According to the Independent, way back in 1990 many people got an HIV infection during the infected blood selling in Henan province. Farmers who sold their blood got infected due to the poor hygienic safety practice during that time. The officials tried to cover up the scandal. Up to now it is not clear how many citizens were infected in that incident. China said that it is about 30,000 to 50,000 people that were infected during that time. However, other officials claim that the real figures are higher.

According to the BBC, the scandal rises a call to all that there are so many ways on how HIV could be acquired. It serves as a reminder to medical practitioner to be mindful of their actions. For thousands and millions of lives are at stake.

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