Drone Irresponsibly Flown Beyond 'Line Of Sight,' Narrowly Avoids Airplane

It wasn't very long ago when a report came out about an alleged DJI Mavic Pro drone flying near an in-flight plane at a restricted area. Now, a similar report comes in and the risk is a bit higher than the one reported for the Mavic. Apparently, this new drone-case that happened in the UK just narrowly avoided an airplane. The aircraft pilot reported to air traffic control that something had just passed over the top of the airbus he is flying. He also mentioned seeing the drone "flash past."  Additionally, the pilot reported that the said "object" was under a meter in size and colored red and white with blue and red stripes.

As per BBC, all drone users are obliged to follow Air Navigation Order 2016 articles that require drone operators to only fly their drones at safe environments and not to endanger properties and people. Drone users are also required to maintain direct and unaided visual contact with their drone as it flies. Airprox board members have come to a consensus that the supposed reckless drone user has flown the drone beyond a direct and unaided line of sight. Unfortunately, the drone operator could not be traced, as per BBC.

This case is pretty similar to the one reported for the Mavic Pro where the user also flew the drone very near a passenger aircraft. However, that case happened in China and the reason why the report reached the authorities is due to the drone owner uploading the drone footage on social media. The incident that occurred in the UK, on the other hand, was directly witnessed by the pilot.

Additionally, the China incident has led to the arrest of the drone user within 24 hours. Since the internet is regulated in the country, identifying who's who via social media has made it easier to track suspected individuals. Needless to say, drone flying policies and implementations may still be in the early stages. Hopefully, every country will be able to implement proper rules and come up with effective ways to track the rule-breakers.

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