‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers And Updates: Secrets Of Caitlin/Killer Frost To Change Things In Team Flash

It seems that Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) has some secrets that will change the dynamics of the team in "The Flash" season 3. The problem is that the future Killer Frost has been keeping her secrets from the other team members. How will her secrecy affect her friends? It is likely that it could change her relationships in each member of the team.

Caitlin Has Been Suppressing Killer Frost

Caitlin has been suppressing her Killer Frost persona ever since the launch of "The Flash" season 3. And to make things seem rosier, there is a growing relationship between her and Julian (Tom Felton), the new member of the Flash team. But some of her motivations are being questioned by some team members and the show's fans as well.

But She's Not Honest With Her Team About Her Struggles

Caitlin has not been honest in sharing her difficulties with the other members of her team. Carlos Valdes who plays Cisco Ramon, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly said that an upcoming episode will reveal Caitlin's secrets. He added that upon this revelation, things will dramatically change in the "The Flash" season 3.

Big Changes Are Coming For Caitlin And The Team In "The Flash" Season 3

Valdes also added that aside from changing the dynamics of Team Flash, the unveiling of Caitlin's secrets will also change her own perception about her place in the team. He warned that everything will come to a head. This seems that fans should expect problems in "The Flash" season 3.

In an interview withTVLine, Aaron Helbing, writer and producer of "The Flash" season 3 said that the probability that Caitlin will transform into Killer Frost is one of the greatest challenges she will face. He added that they have big plans for this character in the current season of the show. Helbing also described the progression of her story as very satisfying and exciting. Fans can catch the show on CW every Tuesday.

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