17-Year-Old Nokia 3310 Still Used By A Man From UK

If you ever wonder just how sturdy the Nokia 3310 is, Dave Mitchell's experience can enlighten you. Apparently, the 49-year old from Britain has been holding on to his Nokia 3310 for the longest time, claiming that his phone is the oldest working mobile phone in the country. Mitchell said that this old-school handset has been with him through the worst and it even served him while on a tour of duty in the Middle East.

Nokia 3310 As An Indestructible Mobile Phone

The N3310 has been positively viewed by the masses for the longest time. This is even greatly evidenced by the existence of memes depicting how strong the mobile phone is. With Mitchell's claims that his Nokia 3310 still works properly in the year 2017, it's safe to say that people aren't exaggerating about how robust this basic phone is.

As per a Gizmodo report, Mitchell claimed that he has dropped the phone on the floor many times and at some point, he has also dropped it on sauces. He claims that his Nokia 3310 has even made its way through the washing machine. Nevertheless, just after some cleaning-up and drying-up, the phone goes back to normal.

Nokia 3310 At 2017

At this point in time, the Nokia 3310 is no longer on the market. However, if you have held on to using yours for the past years, it's almost certain that it still works like brand new. Mitchell describes his Nokia 3310 as a kryptonite which pretty much makes sense. Additionally, as per Yahoo, Mitchell's phone only needs charging every couple of weeks.

Of course, there are already a bunch of new phones that can kick Nokia 3310 when it comes to features. Phones nowadays can surf the web, chat via cellular data or WiFi and they even come with high-end games. However, when it comes to drop tests, not a single smartphone can beat the mighty Nokia 3310.

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