Laurence Fishburne Won't Be In 'Justice League' Movie; Praises Jesse Eisenberg's Portrayal Of Lex Luthor

With more DC movies slated to release through the years, some have wondered whether Laurence Fishburne will be in the next movies. Though he has not stated if he will be in the other new DC films, he did say that he will not be in the “Justice League” movie. Aside from that, he has praised young actor Jesse Eisenberg for his portrayal of the young and ambitious Lex Luthor.

Fishburne has revealed that though he will not be in the “Justice League” movie, Zack Snyder initially planned a role for him. Fishburne revealed that he was told to come in for a day but he could not work it out with the production because of the schedule. He then stated that there wasn’t really any need for his role to be in the “Justice League” movie because everybody would want to see the heroes.

Talking about the heroes such as Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman from the DC universe made him comment how Marvel has been gaining momentum over DC right now because the former is making progress with all the movies it’s making. Fishburne pointed out that as a comic book geek himself, he has been waiting for 35 years for these DC characters to show up on screen. Fans probably feel the same way as Fishburne since the DC movies aren’t being released quicker than they thought.

To make up for his comment about Marvel kicking DC’s butt, he did sang praise for his co-actor Jesse Eisenberg for playing the role of young Lex Luther in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Eisenberg was received with criticism back then because some fans thought that he did not fit the role but Fishburne begged to disagree because he said giving Eisenberg the role was a genius move. He also pointed out that whole thing with Martha Kent and Martha Wayne, who were the mothers of Superman and Batman, respectively, was a sentimental and heartwarming touch to the movie.

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