Aspirin Might Be Useful In Preventing Cancer

Aspirin is previously known as a painkiller, however, a new study suggests that it could also be a potential element that could help prevent cancer. Earlier studies say that aspirin could prevent cancer, but are clueless on how it works. The new study explains that pain-relief medication interaction with platelets. The blood cells that create clots to stop wound from continuous bleeding, could prevent tumors from growing.

It is normal that platelets can help form new blood vessels when a clot forms over a wound. However, the same system may help prevent the development of any kind of tumors. In a research published February, found that the aspirin distorts the normal clotting process of shutting down a key enzyme called COX-1. This results to preventing an interaction between platelets and cancer cells and suppressing the development of tumors.

According to the Xinhua, other researchers used regular aspirins from local drug stores. The new study used a special mix of aspirin and phosphatidylcholine. This is a type of lipid or fat molecule found in soy lecithin. It is also developed to prevent gastrointestinal risk linked with regular aspirins. The study has provided the effectiveness and much efficiency of the enhanced aspirin complex, called Aspirin-PC/PL2200. It is composed of the same or higher, chances of effectiveness than regular aspirins. The study suggests that the Aspirin-PC/PL2200 as an effective and safer complete agent for colorectal cancer.

According to Naples Daily, researchers may have found a way to repel pancreatic cancer. A new research shows that a low-dose aspirin may reduce the risk of cancer by nearly 50 per cent. The researchers are very optimistic about the positive results of the clinical tests. The development of cancer cures and cancer preventing drugs would increase the chances of survival of the human race. With aspirin there could be hope in decreasing the number of cancer diagnosis.

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