Clash Royale: New Update Brings The Hardest Counter To The Graveyard; The Comeback Of The Poison Spell!

Balance Changes 02/13 | Clash Royale | 4 SKELETONS!
The latest update give rise to the single most direct counter to the Graveyard -- the Poison spell! Also, includes the upcoming changes that will come for the March update! Photo : Orange Juice Gaming/Youtube

Supercell announced that they will be dropping two updates in Clash Royale, the first one will go live today, February 13th and the next one will be released in March, which according to the studio, will be one of the biggest updates yet. Whilst the March update is expected to bring new contents, including major bug fixes which we will be talking later, the February update offers minor but significant balance changes which give rise to the hardest counter to the Graveyard spell yet.

Clash Royale: February 13 Update

Just like most of you have expected, the February update offers only minor balance changes but what it brings to the table can be game breaking especially with the buff on Poison spell. Today, Supercell has just released the single most direct counter to the Graveyard, and could potentially be the comeback of the Poison spell. Here are the full patch notes for February 13th balance update:

Executioner - Damage reduced by 6%, Range reduced to 4.5 (from 5 tiles) and Splash radius reduced by 10%.
Poison - Duration decreased to 8 seconds (from 10 sec). Overall DPS increased by 24%. Whilst Supercell nerfed the duration of the spell, it was augmented by buffing its damage per tick which can now obliterate almost all swarm units a second faster than before. As shown in the video by Orange Juice, the Poison is now the best counter against the Graveyard spell, enabling you to wipe out all skeletons without them harming your Crowned Tower.
Witch - Damage increased by 6%.
P.E.K.K.A - Deploy time reduced to 1 second (from 3 sec). P.E.K.K.A has now the same deploy time as its mini version.
Dark Prince - HP increased by 5%.
Baby Dragon - Ranged increased to 3.5 (from 3 tiles).
Skeletons - Count increased by 1 for a total of 4 Skeletons! The card is now even more effective against tanks and even more deadly against the Battle Ram!
Skeleton Army - Count is decreased by 1 which now brings to a total of 15 skeletons spawned by this card. Overall, it isn't a significant nerf to the Skarmy.

Clash Royale: March Update

We've reported the major fixes coming to the Executioner which you can read here. It turns out that these changes will be carried onto the March update together with the major balance changes which fans should expect according to Supercell. On the Clash Royale subreddit thread, the studio announced that the strength of the card [Executioner] stemmed from a couple of in-game bugs and broken mechanics including the mini stun and the additional "tick" of damage when his axe is fully extended. To give a heads up of the upcoming update, here are the bugs that according to Supercell, will be fixed alongside the balance changes soon to come for the Executioner:

Enemy troop attack animation resets when hit by his axe (mini stun)
Dealing damage to troops behind the Executioner when his axe returns after attacking
The Executioner's axe goes out of the arena and the troop getting stuck indefinitely
One "tick" of damage occurs in front of the Executioner when his axe is fully extended

As far as the March update goes, these are everything that we know so far. We will be updating this article as soon as Supercell gives more info about the upcoming updates. Check back for more Clash Royale news!

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