Final Fantasy VII Dataminers Reveals Hidden Scenes And Other Features

Final Fantasy VII dataminers have managed to discover several hidden scenes and other features in the game. The find has yielded some interesting dialogues and plots that never saw the light of day.

About Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy is the seventh installment of the series which was released on 1997. It's available on various platforms including Sony's PlayStation, Windows PC as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. The game was developed by Square Enix and published by Sony Entertainment. The game features a mercenary called Cloud Strife battling the evil Shinra megacorporation.

The Hidden Dialogues, Plots

The dataminers published all of their findings in The LifeStream. The contents included a lot of interesting stuff in this JRPG. It's unclear why the developer did not include them in the final game. One reasonable explanation is that some of the original plans did not pan out. Revisions were made that excluded the content from being used.

Beginning Dialogue

According to Attackofhefanboy, the game's first dialogue was not supposed to come from Barret. Instead a Shinra guard would have shouted "Who goes there?!" at the very beginning of the game. Interestingly, Barret's opening dialogue was "C'mon newcomer. Follow me".

Hidden Models

Final Fantasy VII players will remember the train scene departing from the first Mako reactor. The scene barely shows the characters' heads but the hidden scene actually shows more once it's played out.

Characters' Appearances

The character Sephiroth should have appeared as a vision in Cloud's dream. Aerith has several lines that were laid out after her disappearance. The storyline though has change which rendered the dialogues unusable.

Yuffie was supposed to be included in a group involving the corpse of Midgar Zolom. Unfortunately, the game's final version makes it unlikely that the character would have been at that scene. The dedication of the dataminers in uncovering the hidden details of Final Fantasy VII is admirable, to say the least.

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