'Advanced Warfare' Developer Sledgehammer Hints On The Next 'Call Of Duty' And More

By Lewis Powell , Feb 13, 2017 11:17 AM EST

With the failure of "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" to connect with the gaming community, Activision decided to change directions by realigning their resources to be able to better support future projects. As a result, 5 percent of Activision's workforce was let go, and the company promised that the next "Call of Duty" game would go back to its roots to become better and more appealing.

Since then, there have been no news or updates about the 2017 Call of Duty game. However, this year's "Call of Duty" developer, Sledgehammer, developer of "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare," only hinted about the game, which spawned some rumors that gave players something to think about.

Sledgehammer On 'Call of Duty'

According to Gamingbolt, In a Twitter conversation between Sledgehammer and a user named KeiranW54, the company said that they are honored and excited to present this year's "Call of Duty." Sledgehammer went on saying that this game is their biggest achievement as game developers and promised more thrilling things to come.

What To Expect On This Year's 'Call of Duty'

In a different Twitter conversation, another user by the name NightSkull_720 asked Michael Condrey, Founder of Sledgehammer, to describe in one word the location of this year's "Call of Duty," in which Condrey replies with "on the ground."

With an official answer to the location of the next "Call of Duty" game, it may be safe to say that any space concept is out of the picture because right now, Activision is still rallying from the failure of Infinite Warfare.

Going deeper with the "on the ground" answer, players and fans can't stop thinking that since Sledgehammer is this year's developer, the new "Call of Duty" game would be a continuation of "Advanced Warfare" on which the story would be where technology has failed and players have to fight the old-fashioned way. This rumor is very plausible as Activision promised to take the franchise back to its roots. However, there are other rumours saying that the game would find its way back to World War 2 or any wars set in the past, thus keeping in line with the answer "on the ground' and also keeping Activision's promise to take the game back to its roots, as "Call of Duty" started out as a franchise set in World War 2.

After the failure of "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" to connect, the gaming community is definitely seeing some changes with Activision in their long-term goals and commitment. So, whatever Sledgehammer brings out with their "Call of Duty" game, it is interesting to note that at this point, there's nowhere to go but up.

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