Emma Stone Talks About Life And Being A Hollywood Star In Recent Interview

Oscar-nominated star Emma Stone talks with "Sunday Morning" correspondent Lee Cowan about her life. The actress discussed her anxiety, family, her friends - an overview of what it's like to be a beloved Hollywood actress.

Stone's Dad Didn't Think Twice About Her Request To Move To LA, But Her Mom Did Not Agree Right Away

During the interview, Emma Stone brought along her two best friends, saying that she needs them because they're relatable. The three of them were roommates years ago, all of them struggling actors, but even then, Macisac and Sugar Lyn Beard already felt that Stone or "Emily," as they call her, will make it big someday.

According to CBS News, before Stone turned 15, she convinced her parents to move to Los Angeles. Her dad immediately said yes, but her mom was adamant, but then she agreed to move to LA with her daughter, guiding her through the sometimes crushing auditions.

She Almost Bailed Out On "Easy A"

So she could focus on acting, Stone was homeschooled, and got her GED right about the time she was casted in her first movie, "Superbad." Things were beginning to turn around, and was offered a leading role in "Easy A." Behind the scenes, though, Stone was struggling. Her mom was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, which made the actress almost bail out on the part. She went on with the movie, and her mom got cancer treatment. Her mom is now celebrating six years of being cancer-free.

Meanwhile, when asked about "La La Land," Stone said that she and co-star Ryan Gosling did some improvisations in the movie. The actress said that they have had the opportunity to improvise in each of the films they have done, and it adds something to their connection as actors, WDEF.com reported.

What is it like to be Hollywood star? Stone said she still gets starstruck - especially by anyone from "Saturday Night Live." She clearly is living the Hollywood dream, but the actress said she hardly lives with her head in the clouds.

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