‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 9: Who Is This Mysterious New Character?

The second half of "The Walking Dead" Season 7 just started, and fans get to see a renewed sense of energy. Episode 9 showed the heroes are back together, and they are organizing a fight against the Saviors.

Rick Broke Into A Smile When He Caught The Eye Of A New Character

According to New York Post, things got more tense when the Saviors showed up looking for Daryl, and Rick discovers that Father Gabriel has run off with most of their food supplies. Rick and the team ventured out to look for Gabriel, and they found themselves in what looks like a salvage yard. They were quickly surrounded by a large group of survivors, most of them with weapons.

The strangers then trapped them in a circle, but then Rick catches the eye of one off-screen and breaks into a smile. Fans are now intrigued as to who Rick saw, and why he broke into a smile. The unknown woman has a short hair dressed in black, but her back is on the camera.

'We'll Meet New Survivors In Incredible Places'

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple told Entertainment Weekly that the answers are just around the heap. He said that he cannot wait for people to meet this character and to see this actor. There are a lot of speculations as to who this  new character is. A lot of fans are just happy to see Rick in a good mood, with some suggesting that this new group will help Rick and the team with their fight against Negan.

The official synopsis of "The Walking Dead" Season 7B said, "We'll meet new survivors in incredible places," and fans just got an exclusive look at one of those survivors. Some of the communities are going to come together to take on Negan, and this new group could possibly join the fray. "The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 p.m.

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