iOS 7 Features, Rumors: Will It Look Like This? (Video)

Along with the hot news that WWDC 2013 sold out in an astonishing 90 seconds, we've also learned that one of the things we can expect to see at the event is Apple's iOS 7.

iOS 7 is Apple's latest OS incarnation and, considering the fact that iOS 6 wasn't exactly the hottest operating system, there's a hotbed of anticipation about the latest in what iPhone Rumors refers to as "the Jony Ive touch." Ive is the new design chief who took over the post after Scott Forstall's departure in October 2012.

The question now is whether or not this "Ive touch" will actually make iOS 7 something worth all the hype buildup.

"[W]e don't think it can be any worse than iOS 6, and we presume that Ive would want to distance himself for what many users believe to be one of the worst versions of iOS yet," iPhone Rumors says.

The Motley Fool reports that this "Ive touch" might result in an iOS 7 with a " 'flat design' that's more minimalist, which would better match Apple's hardware designs. Ive is also said to be ditching skeuomorphism. Farewell, faux leather."

As far as what iOS 7 will actually look like, though, before we finally get to see it for the first time, fans have already created concept designs of their own, as catalogued by iPhone Rumors.

iPhone Rumors has also treated us to a video that shows an iOS 7 concept the site really likes. The video "not only highlights several app redesigns, but also helps to show us what it would be like to have an iOS with some great customization."

There's a pretty nifty compass app that we see first in the iOS 7 concept video, followed by an equally professional-looking voice memo app. Other apps displayed in the iOS 7 concept video include: weather, clock and calculator. We can see here too the contacts, notification center and lockscreen. Other features include the ability to "[c]hange the color and the opacity to match the wallpaper and device color."

What do you think about this concept for the iOS 7? Are you looking forward the OS itself, or are you Android forever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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