Bomberman Spin-off Bombergirl Is Coming To Arcades

Konami may have been floundering for a bit after the loss of Hideo Kojima, but the company looks to be trudging on despite the absence of their most famous developer. News has it that the company is planning on releasing a slew of new arcade games based on Bomberman called Bombergirl.

According to Game Rant, Bombergirl is one of two Bomberman titles that will be released this year. Super Bomberman R looks to be closer to the traditional Bomberman formula, and it will also be available for the Nintendo Switch.

Bombergirl was actually unveiled by Konami during the Japan Amusement Expo. As of now, only four playable characters are available -Shiro (bomber), Oren (speed attacker), Emera (long-range attack) and Momoko (blocker).  But seeing some footage from the event reveals that there 11 more characters that have yet to be revealed.

Bombergirl also looks to embrace more of the otaku genre of games since Bombergirl has a very adult theme. Aside from being populated almost exclusively by big-breasted anime girls, the losing team's girls will have their clothes shred at the end of each match. It looks like kids won't get to play with Bombergirl till they reach the appropriate age.

Bombergirl will also be following the trend of being a spin-off to a Konami-owned title. Other franchises like Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, and Silent Hill already have their own pachinko machines.

Though incredibly popular, Bomberman has actually been on hiatus with its releases, the last big title in the franchise being Bomberman: Act Zero back in 2006. Apparently, fans weren't too pleased with the developers rebooting the cartoony character into a gritty Dead Space-type puzzle game. Hopefully, Bombergirl and Super Bomberman R will bring the franchise back to its former glory.

It's still unknown whether Bombergirl will make its way to Western arcades, but time will certainly tell if the game will get popular enough to get shipped overseas.

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