Pokemon GO Massive Update Coming Soon According To Niantic CEO

Pokemon GO players started losing interest in the game due to lack of updates in the game. Fortunately, Niantic CEO John Hanke assured fans that a massive update is coming once the bugs have been fixed.

Fixing The Bugs First

Hanke told in a Vice interview that they wanted to bring the cool features players were expecting from the game. These included PvP battles, trading and even the Gen 2 characters. Unfortunately, bugs and server issues hold them back. Once these problems have been resolved, Hanke assures that Pokemon GO will evolve into a game that would make the current one look like a beta version.

He was also candid enough to admit that the gym battles are primitive at best but that's going to change. The Niantic CEO revealed plans to add more sophisticated gameplay. This includes features that will emphasize on cooperation among the trainers.

Catching Pokemon Is Getting Old

The primary focus of Pokemon GO is catching monsters in the wild. To accomplish that task, a reliable tracker is needed. Unfortunately, players have been complaining about the tracker since the game was launched last year.

Hanke mentioned though that Pokemon GO will have upcoming features that will focus more on interaction rather than catching Pokemon. Themed events will continue but Hanke concedes that holding Pokemon GO events is more difficult than in Ingress. This is because the former is more popular than the latter.

About Pokemon GO

Niantic first launched the game on July 2016 in several countries including Australia, New Zealand and the US. Later on the game was released to the rest of the world in stages. At the height of its popularity, Pokemon GO servers could barely keep up with the millions of players. That player base though has dwindled as many moved on to other games. Niantic believes that interest is still there and waiting to be rekindled once major and exciting features will be introduced.

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