LG G6 New Leak: LG Promises A Smartphone You Can Rely On

LG is teasing a special event ahead of MWC Barcelona on 26th Feb. It is believed that LG will use this presentation slot, traditionally reserved by Samsung for its latest Galaxy S announcements to launch its new flagship smartphone, the LG G6. A tweet from LG USA yesterday hinted more product details.

LG Promises 'Reliability' To Its Upcoming LG G6

LG has outed a new teaser for its upcoming G6 smartphone. This one is rather pinkish-purple, and it follows in the footsteps of a pretty blue teaser from last week. As you can see, the word "reliability" is used this time around, alongside with the odd repetition of the word "check." This is meant to give assurance to people that there's some kind of triple-check system in place during the smartphone's production.

Past issues with LG's flagship include boot loop issues which showed up on the past flagship models including the LG G4. Besides having the goal of making the LG G6 reliable is by checking the device as it moves through the assembly process. Currently, LG is planning to offer a free screen replacement for its new flagship. A video that LG announced last month showed owners of LG phones demanding for more reliability. They also stated that they didn't want to keep paying to repair a cracked screen. The LG G6 display is expected to come with Gorilla Glass 5.

LG G6 Launch Date

The G6 will be launched on February 26. It is said to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 and will sport a 5.7-inch 2,880x1,440 touchscreen with the unusual 18:9 aspect ratio. Expect it to be water and dust resistant. Moreover, it will feature Google Assistant, an improved quad DAC for superior quality sounds and with a dual rear camera arrangement that will entice photo buffs. Additionally, an all-metal construction of the latest smartphone means no replaceable battery.


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