'General Hospital' Spoilers: Julian Faces Dangerous Deal; Lulu Experiences Valentin's Anger

"General Hospital" gets more exciting than ever. Sources revealed that the happenings in Port Charles would be more intensified as Julian scrambles in Olivia's bidding while Curtis and Jason try to find out the truth. Also, Lulu tries to do everything to be close to Charlotte while handling Valentin. Would Port Charles still be peaceful?

'General Hospital' Spoilers, News, And Updates: Would Olivia's Secret Be Revealed?

As per Inquisitr, there is almost a clear indicator that Olivia's secret would be revealed in the upcoming episode of "General Hospital". According to reports, Olivia tries to take all desperate measure just to keep everyone from discovering that she is in Port Charles. Also, as Julian tries to scramble his sister's bidding, he would face a difficult and dangerous deal that would make him agree on something. News revealed that the agreement could either affect Olivia or someone that is close to Julian.

Meanwhile, Lulu is set to face an argument with Valentin after Maxie tried to spend some time with Charlotte. Rumors suggest that there will be more drama between the two characters of the show. Not just that, Nina would also try to keep up with Valentin and Charlotte that she would do everything, even firing Maxie. Valentin, on the other hand, would then realize that he has more power than Lulu that he would use it to make everything worse.

'General Hospital' News And Updates: Nelle's Evil Plans To Ruin Relationship Of Sonny And Carly

The upcoming episode of the show would also feature Nelle planting evil schemes to ruin the relationship of Sonny and Carly. She would try to send flowers that will eventually point out that Sonny could be her secret partner. Felicia and Boobie would try to investigate and protect the latter from Nelle's plans. Could they uncover the truth just in time?

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