SolarCity Shutdown Might Be Good For Tesla And Musk After All

Along with changing its name from Tesla Motors to Tesla Inc., the electric carmaker will also be eliminating the SolarCity brand. As what has been recently reported, Tesla Motors has officially changed its name to Tesla Inc., in relation towards reflecting its broader business interests.

However, that isn't the only big story regarding name changes at the company.

Why Will SolarCity Disappear?

Sooner than later, the largest name in residential solar will also disappear. According to a statement on TheSeatleTimes, in the near future, both PV systems and the new Solar Roof will all be marketed under the lone Tesla brand, and that the SolarCity brand will disappear altogether.

This announcement came just two months after Tesla's shareholders have voted to acquire SolarCity. Tesla states that while its prior goal was to accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility, its new goal now is "accelerating the transition towards sustainable energy production".

California Factory Will Also Shut Down

In other news, Tesla will also shut down its Fremont, California, factory for a week this February in order to prepare the assembly line for its highly anticipated midmarket electric car, the Tesla Model 3, According to a report from AikenAdvocate. "This move will enable Tesla to finally begin production for the Model 3 later this year as planned, and it will enable us to start the ramp toward 500,000 vehicles annually in 2018," a company representative said last week.

The Strive Towards Promoting Electric Cars

There is no exaggeration towards saying that the success or failure of the Model 3 will truly mark as a key event in automotive history. Electric cars have been around ever since the first invention of the automobile, but they have yet to catch on with the general public.

Of more than 17 million cars sold in the United States last year, only less than 1 percent were pure electric cars. But that's one point where Tesla is trying to alter the events.

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