Mavic Pro Combo Shipment ETA Dropped To Three Days, New Accessories Introduced

It's been two months since 2017 has kicked in but the DJI Mavic Pro remains one of the top drone options in the market. This compact drone went through a rollercoaster ride for a few months after its September launch, but now, it seems like DJI has gotten everything under control. While the Mavic Pro's October release schedule has been met with criticisms due to DJI's inability to comply to their promised ETA, the company was able to sort things through. Eventually, they got a handle on the alleged supply issue, and now, the DJI Mavic Pro is listed with a shipping schedule of 3-5 business days upon order confirmation.

DJI Mavic Pro Release Date 2017

Right now, DJI lists the Mavic Pro and the Mavic Pro Combo with a 3-5 day shipping. The Mavic Pro drone has had the 3-5 day shipping ETA since a few days ago. However, the Mavic Pro Combo has leaped from having a 5-7 day shipping to the current 3-5 day shipping. For the past recent weeks, DJI has been busy changing the shipment schedules for their Mavic Pro product. Luckily though, the change in shipping schedules is for the better. What used to be an 8-week wait has now shortened to as short as three days.

DJI Mavic Pro Accessories 2017

The shortened shipment schedule isn't the only good news that Mavic Pro fans can enjoy. Right now, DJI has added a few more accessories for the Mavic to make your drone flying safer and more fun. Among the new accessories are the safety tools for the Mavic's propellers. The Propeller Guard and the Propeller Cage are two new accessories that were designed to give the Mavic Pro's propellers an added safety measure while in-flight.

Additionally, an Advanced Battery Charging Hub has also been introduced and it is designed to charge up to four Intelligent Flight Batteries at once. There is also the Aircraft Sleeve that will help the drone flyers store their Mavic Pros with piece of mind. This new product will shield your drone from scratches and dusts as it nestles the Mavic in a soft padding. On top of these, DJI also introduced a new remote controller monitor hood for better daylight viewing and ND Filters for better camera settings control.

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