‘Dance Moms' Abby Miller Is Ready For Jail Time; Stays Positive Amidst Issues

“Dance Moms” has been entertaining its fans for how many years already. There is an ongoing talk about its latest season but Abby Lee Miller must face jail time first.

For recent years, Abby Lee Miller has multiple cases about fraud issues that are still in pending. The notorious and demanding instructor who also runs the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh has her share of setbacks. Apparently, the famous dance instructor has a total of 20 bankruptcy fraud allegations. It started 2012 when she was reported hiding a huge amount of money and failing to declare certain properties.

Abby Lee Miller Will Have To Face Jail Time

A lot of fans were shocked when they first heard the news. Although she is known for being strict, fans still loved Abby Lee Miller. In a recent thread in one of the facebook page for “Dance Moms”, multiple fans showed their support and concern for Miller. However, during a recent interview, Abby Lee Miller was surprisingly calm. She even states that she will treat her jail time as a vacation and she’s staying positive about everything that is happening right now.

Abby Lee Miller Is The New Teresa Giudice

Unfortunately, the jokes and memes are already out. Abby Lee Miller is now being compared to Teresa Giudice. For those who are not familiar with who Teresa Giudice is, she is a member of the show called “The Real Housewives of New Jersey". Giudice and Miller have a similar case. Giudice spent a year behind bars and Miller might end up with the same fate too.

Although she already acknowledges her mistakes, Abby Lee Miller doesn’t want to be treated like a criminal. Fans are still hoping that the architect and the leader of “Dance Moms" should only spend a minimum time in jail.

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