Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Reunited? Exes Share Warm Hug During BAFTA

The yearly BAFTA awards were filled yet again with celebrity A-Listers hoping to win some of the prestigious awards. However, the spotlight of the night was not the winners but exes Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield.

Probably the most shocking celebrity breakup last year (aside from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt), made a buzz last night. Apparently, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are still in good terms. Technically this is not the first time that they’ve met since their breakup. Emma And Andrew already met last January during the AFI awards. The ex-lovers greeted each other and showed professionalism while the entire world was looking at them.

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Reunited But Not For Long

Last night, during the prestigious BAFTA awards, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were spotted hugging each other. The crowd went crazy as explained by one of the actors who were surprised when the ex-lovers hugged each other. The hug was no ordinary hug added by a respected magazine. Evidently, the flame is still there and who knows, they might be back together.

Prior to them sharing their warm hugs, Andrew Garfield stated in an interview that if he will be stuck on an island, he wants Emma Stone to be by his side. The fans were unglued when they heard the interview. Thus, making the rumors about them back together seemingly more convincible. Andrew was asked if he was able to watch Emma Stone’s performance in Lala Land but the actor said “no”.

The former Spider-man actor also added that although he wasn’t able to watch the movie yet, he knows how great Emma Stone is. To end the night, Emma Stone won the Best Actress in a Leading Role for the film Lala Land and as for Andrew Garfield, he already won when he hugged Emma Stone.

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