No Man's Sky: Game To Get Potential Update? Creator To Make First Public Appearance Since Launch

Following the unsuccessful release of "No Man's Sky," developer Sean Murray will be making his first public appearance at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017. Meanwhile, data miners found some interesting new concepts that might hint at a future update.

"No Man's Sky" Developer to Appear in Major Conference

According to Popdust, developer Sean Murray seems to be ready to face the public once again after the initial release of the space exploration game. Hello Games remained completely silent after the release of the said game with netizens complaining about the small team's supposed blown up advertising. Murray sent out a tweet a few months later revealing the first major patch for the game and promised that there was more content to come.

Since then, the team has yet to reveal any finer details about any upcoming patches or the like. However, since Murray will be making an appearance at GDC, perhaps fans will finally learn more about Hello Games' promised content. Even so, it is still unsure to what the developer actually plans on discussing or revealing in the said event.

Possible Customizable Vehicle Patch Incoming?

There is a chance that they might announce yet another update as some data miners found some interesting things after going over the Foundation update. Daily Star reports that they have found something hinting at a land vehicle that includes vertical boosters, mounted guns and a jet engine. Furthermore, players can supposedly upgrade their possible automobile with in-game technology.

In order to do this, fans will have to first build a specialist vehicle terminal and hire a mechanic. They will then have to embark on various missions to collect the required materials to construct some sort of buggy/all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Moreover, the buggy will support the following upgrades: ATV Tune-up Alpha, ATV Tune-up Beta, ATV Tune-up Gamma, ATV Jetpack Alpha, ATV Jetpack Beta, ATV Jetpack Gamma, ATV Storage, ATV Photon Cannon Alpha, ATV Photon Cannon Beta and ATV Photon Cannon Gamma. For now, fans will have to wait for further information regarding possible "No Man's Sky" updates.

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