Mar-A-Lago Photo: Criticism Over Guest Posing With Nuclear Briefcase

Over the weekend, Trump was once again criticized by the public when his impromptu national security meeting produced a Mar-a-Lago photo of one of his guests posing with the man who carries the US nuclear codes. The guest even posted the picture on social media. People quickly pointed out that this action might not be the smartest idea, especially since now everyone knows what the man carrying the nuclear "football" looks like.

The photo was posted on the Facebook page of club member Richard DeAgazio, the Mar-A-Lago guest. He captioned the photo saying that the man in the photo is Rick, the military aide assigned to carry the President's emergency briefcase which contains the equipment to be used to authorize a nuclear attack while the president is away from the White House. He added that the "football", or briefcase, functions as a mobile hub in the strategic defense system of the US.

According to the Good, while information about the nuclear football is not classified, posting a fun Facebook photo of the man who actually carries is something else entirely. BuzzFeed noted after talking to a senior defense official, that while posting the Mar-A-Lago photo is not illegal, or a security breach, it might not be very smart. Some critics are also saying that it is "bad form" for the President to allow photo opportunity like this to take place in one of his own clubs, especially since he was present in the same room when the incident took place.

But that was not the only questionable incident that happened that day, the Romper reports. Some guests invited to the dinner meeting also overheard the president talking with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, about North Korea's nuclear missile test-fires. The conversation is considered as classified information but the president started discussing in full view, with a lot of people reportedly using their phones. Critics are dismayed not only at the Mar-A-Lago photo but at the president's actions as a whole during the meeting, especially since he once criticized Hillary Clinton for being a security risk.

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