'Sons Of Anarchy' Spinoff: Lead Casting Kicks Off; Chance For Charlie Hunnam Cameo Still Big?

The "Sons of Anarchy" spinoff series seems to dish its original cast as the show's production is still hunting for actors who will star in "Mayans MC." "Battlestar Galactica's" Edward James Olmos is the first name listed on the spinoff's casting, but fans are still hopeful to see Charlie Hunnam and Emilio Rivera at least in a cameo role.

Recent reports have it that "Mayans MC" just started its lead casting, and Olmos has landed into one of the major roles. The character he will play was already revealed as Felipe, the father of the lead character EZ Reyes. Further details say that he will struggle to keep his family distant to a life of crime, and will do anything to keep his dark past hidden from them.

EZ Reyes, as already mentioned, will play the biggest role in the "Sons of Anarchy" spinoff, but the actor to play the character has not yet been revealed. The "Mayans MC" will focus on EZ's life and his plans on seeking vengeance against the cartel. The participation of Rivera is still unconfirmed, though, and fans are already expressing their disappointment of the decision.

Rivera's Marcus Alvarez has played a big part in the Mayans MC during the "Sons of Anarchy" days as he served as the former club's leader. The Mayans MC served as the Sons of Anarchy's ally hence it is understandable why fans are requesting for Emilio to return for the spinoff. Followers of the show have actually been expecting him to take the lead role, but now it is unclear if he will even appear in the spinoff.

The actor has been hinting on his participation in the show by posting a series of throwback photos with Hunnam. These posts have also sparked speculations that the actor might appear in "Mayans MC" at least in a cameo role. However, it was already confirmed before, "Sons of Anarchy" spinoff will pick up from the events post-Jax teller's time. Hence, fans might want to keep their expectations lower as chances on seeing Jax alive are very slim.

While the "Sons of Anarchy" spinoff might possibly exclude the original lead stars of the series, fans can still find excitement on the show as Kurt Sutter promised the same dark and visceral theme for the upcoming series. "Mayans MC" will start filming in March and fans are expecting for the spinoff to premiere later this year.

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