Apple iPhone 8 Could Feature Exciting Augmented Reality Technology

Apple iPhone 8 Could Feature Exciting Augmented Reality Technology
Tim Cook is said to be a huge fan of augmented reality. Also, Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski said that there’s a strong chance Apple will incorporate augmented reality features into the iPhone 8. Photo : SouqPrices/YouTube

“I’m excited about Augmented Reality because unlike Virtual Reality which closes the world out,” Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, said during an interview last week. Cook also mentioned that with AR, individuals are allowed to be present in the world "but hopefully allows an improvement on what’s happening presently.” With this statement, many critics are claiming that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will have an exciting feature that will make it more in demand compared to other smartphones, the AR technology.

Tim Cook On Augmented Reality Technology

Before, Tim Cook has expressed his concern in AR, but now the Apple CEO is equating the technology to the revolutionary force that smartphone has had on the world's population. "I regard it as a big idea, like the smartphone," Cook said in an interview Cook also regards that smartphone is for all people and that we don't have to think that Apple iPhone is a certain demographic or country or vertical market which is for everyone. Cook thinks AR is a big thing and it's huge. "I get excited because of the things that could be done that could improve a lot of lives."

Not like the virtual reality (VR), which promises to immerse goggle-wearing users in a new and exciting digital world, AR overlays images, models as well as data atop the real world of people. The best example of AR today is the well-known game which is named as Pokemon Go. Each character in the Pokemon Go appears on players' phone screens between the streets or parks they are traveling.

As reported by CNET, the tech giant is also working with Carl Zeiss, the German optics manufacturer on a pair of lightweight AR/mixed reality glasses. Apple did not directly respond to a request for further comment. But surely, with this tie up, the most awaited Apple iPhone 8 will be a greater and more interesting smartphone compared to all.

Augmented Reality Feature On The Apple iPhone 8

Today, Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski said in an interview that there’s a huge chance that Apple will incorporate augmented reality (AR) features into the most awaited Apple iPhone 8. In a report by BGR, Jankowski mentioned that “the inclusion of 3D sensing functionality is increasingly likely" into the iPhone 8. She also explained that this features could enable a robust augmented reality (AR) feature set that we believe will be a key differentiator for the 10-year anniversary iPhone.

Supporting this leaked information, Jankowski also mentioned about the Lumentum during its most recent earnings conference call. She said that they just shipped their first-ever "revenue into what we believe could be a high volume mobile device application.” Now, the question is, how will Apple plans to implement AR on their smartphone?

Many reports are claiming that the users of the Apple iPhone 8 will be able to point the iPhone at an object and the device will be able to identify what’s in the frame. Some also reported that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will able to readily identify and manipulate faces, which is similar to what popular apps like MSQRD already do.


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