New Nintendo Switch Trailers Focuses More On Multiplayer Feature

The Nintendo Switch will come out in less than a month, and a lot of people are getting excited about the release. New trailers have been released for the Nintendo Switch, and they focus on the multiplayer aspect of the console as well as the new game, 1-2-Switch.

Two New Trailers

The first trailer is called the "Play Together" trailer, and it focuses on games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 1-2-Switch and Just Dance 2017. Though earlier marketing material for the game seems to have focused on the more college-level market, this trailer is one of the few that feature families playing with the Nintendo Switch.

The second trailer focuses more on the 1-2-Switch game, and it boasts of having 28 different modes upon launch. Aside from the more popular "quick draw" minigame, the trailer also gives a look at other minigames where players have to unlock safes and cast spells at each other. It looks like Nintendo is fully utilizing the Switch's capacity for portability and motion sensitive controllers.

Wii U Controller Support

The Nintendo Switch controllers are called joy-cons and they feature some very sophisticated tech like motion sensors and HD vibration. News has it that the console may be able to support controllers from the Wii U since Nintendo plans of releasing some Wii U titles for the Nintendo Switch again.

Two versions of a re-released Wii U game are said to be available; one being an "enhanced" version for the Nintendo Switch, and the other being the "original" Wii U version that could be played with the original Wii U remote. Soon enough, players may even be looking at support for older controllers like the Wii and the Gamecube controller.

A lot of hype is building up for the Nintendo Switch, and it's already expected to come out in less than a month. Nintendo's next platform is set for a release on March 3.

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