Fake News Are Tech Companies Responsibility, Apple’s Eddy Cue Says

Eddy Cue, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software and Services, revealed that fake news is technology companies' responsibility. Cue explained that since news is spreading online through devices, the tech companies have the power to control those false stories.

Reducing 'Fake News'

Since the U.S. presidential election, fake news has been the trending topic online. Many companies like Fakebook, Google and Twitter are taking action to bring good and quality articles. Apple wants to ensure the content and the challenge of fake news, which is aiming to reduce its dissemination.

Cue unveiled at the Code Media conference that CEO Tim Cook personally mentioned that technology companies have a greater responsibility to its public consumers. Cue added that Apple News is best for everyone. Thus, the tech giant wants to ensure that news providers are legit.

According to The Verge, the fake news phenomenon is killing people's mind. Clickbait news is driving a lot of attention. Thereby, Apple is aiming to share smart ways to counterattack against fake news. Cue added that giant companies must filter news before it reaches the public.

What Is 'Fake News?'

Fake news is considered as a type of hoax, which contains misinformation. It can employ eye-catching headlines, which mislead the real story line. It is composed of fabricated news shared via online to increase online revenue and the ubiquity of social media.

Apple News

Apple News is one of the smartest ways of the tech giant in working to reduce fake news. The app is introduced to filter a huge variety of legit news. It is available for iOS 9. The news is converted to mobile-optimized format.

The news app comes with animations, videos, photo and galleries. It offers users to create and select its favorite topics. News Feed can be personalized, as well as the RSS Feed. According to Mac Rumors, the Apple News contains channel to customize feed. It also features options to share news and content offline.


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