'Quantico' Season 2, Episode 13: Is Dayana The Real Traitor? Reason For Owen's Imprisonment Revealed

"Quantico" is nearly heading to its promised single timeline, and while things got confusing in the previous episode, creator Josh Safran teased how things will be resolved in episode 13. Whether Dayana is the traitor and a terrorist will already be revealed. Other cliffhangers like Owen's imprisonment, the relationships between the recruits, as well as the team's stalker will all be revealed in "Quantico" season 12, episode 13.

"Quantico" season 2, episode 12 left a lot of cliffhangers that made most of the fans believe the events were very misleading. Traitors have been everywhere in the chapter as Carly betrayed her team in the past timeline, while Dayana seems to be the terrorist that Alex is after during the present timeline. It is however revealed, that all the major cliffhangers of the show will get their resolution on "Quantico" season 2, episode 13 before the series turns into a single timeline on episode 14.

Looking back, only some of the recruits successfully made it in their previous mission of breaking in the NSA. Fans have seen Leon being kicked out while the others successfully deleted their profiles. They were however tapped and it appeared that Lydia has been the one revealing their mission. Alex and Owen then try to catch Lydia in the act of directing a mission for the AIC with the recruits.

Meanwhile, the present timeline showed the hostages getting out through the tunnels safely. There were dramas and deaths along the way which apparently served as destructions to take Will. Alex was then ordered by Lydia to go back inside and find the supposed terrorist, Dayana. From the synopsis of the upcoming episode, it says that Alex will reveal the identity of the traitor inside the CIA, so fans can expect that she will be successful in coming out again alive, from the mission tasked to her by Lydia.

Safran though refused to answer how it will end between Dayana and Alex, and the real connection of the former with Lydia. He said though that episode 13 centers on the said event and the three characters.

Also, it is not yet clear how Owen ended up in prison when fans have been expecting to see how he wounded up the cell during the previous episode. While answers did not come in episode 12, Safran said that the incidents involving Owen in the previous episode all lead to the revelation of his imprisonment. He also said that episode 13 will wrap up most of the unresolved mysteries in the past timeline so that the rest of the season can focus on the present events.

The dead from the explosion will be revealed, Shelby and Claire's participation in the future will be teased, Owen and Lydia's estranged father-daughter relationship will be explained, the AIC will be understood, and the relationships among the recruits will all be given light on episode 13. "Quantico" season 2, episode 13 airs on Feb. 20 on ABC and shifts to a fresh timeline on episode 14.

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