For Honor Hosted 6 Million Players During Beta Phase

One of this year's most-anticipated game releases Ubisoft's For Honor officially went live yesterday and it was received pretty well by the fans. Meanwhile, Ubisoft revealed some information regarding the game's beta performance prior to its release. The company highlighted For Honor's number of players hosted during its beta phase. According to Ubisoft, For Honor has hosted over 6 Million unique players and has the largest PC beta in the history of the company.

Game Rant reported that For Honor's impressive performance during its beta phase helped Ubisoft achieve the largest PC beta phase, recording a massive 1.8 million who have taken part in the game's PC trials. Based on the report from VG 247, For Honor Beta also recorded a massive 2 billion login minutes across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One trial versions.

Furthermore, the hosted For Honor Beta just recently tallied for more than half of the recorded six million fans who were at the test schedules. Ubisoft declared that the game recorded over 3 million playing in this weekend alone.

Aside from the impressive numbers, Ubisoft also revealed that the Knights Faction came out as winners in Faction War during the game's open beta. That means, all the members of the winning faction will receive Emblems of Power that have golden frames as reward. Meanwhile, these in-game rewards aside from the other rewards for all factions should be accessible to those players who have purchased the full game.

On other news, Ubisoft already released For Honor's Day One patch notes which include hero balancing and more. However, the real challenge for the company starts now as the game is now available on several stores. For Ubisoft, hopefully they can translate this big crowd during beta into major sales and live up to the high quality and the intense gameplay which were seen on For Honor's launch trailer.


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