Here's Everything About The Massive Battlefield 1 Winter Update

A couple of weeks ago, EA and DICE announced the forthcoming arrival of a brand new Battlefield 1 update. It's called the Winter update, though no specifics were unveiled at that time. But hey, that shouldn't be an issue now. That's because it has already been launched. Here's everything about it.

According to GameSpot, the developers of Battlefield 1 has just released the Winter update. It's worth noting that this one here is deemed as a major update for the hit World War 1-inspired shooter game. It's being rolled out across all platforms (PC, Xbox One and PlayStation) 4, with a size of at least 2 GB.

The most interesting part of this aforementioned Battlefield 1 update is the return of a classic feature. Well, it's no other than the Ribbons. The latter is best known for its existence in the previous titles in the franchise. Apart from these, Class Rank jumps have been upgraded (from 10 to 50). Heck, players will even have the chance to earn a couple of new things once they reach their max class rank.

The Battlefield 1 Winter update also brought a couple of changes to the game's Rent-A-Server program. Also, changes have been made in order to tweak weapons a little bit. Or perhaps, add some significant balances to the in-game vehicles. More importantly, bug fixes have been unleashed, too.

Battlefield 1 players who are worried about getting killed by a horseback rider should be happy.That's because this one here will no longer be the death of them whenever that rider utilizes a saber that's "multiple meters away." The current update has made this possible as well as the gas duration. From 22 seconds, it has been significantly dropped to at least 15 seconds. To check the full patch notes of the Winter update, just go straight to the patch notes here.

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