‘Stranger Things' Update: Epic Series Will Only Have Four To Five Seasons As Per Producer

There’s no surprise why fans are salivating for more of “Stranger Things”. The epic show from Netflix took the world by storm and broke some records in its initial season. However, the producers commented that the series might not last long.

There are still a lot of people who thinks that the debut of “Stranger Things” is a fluke. They’ve been drawing comparisons with other TV series and how “Stranger Things” is just an adaptation and kids play. This certain comments did hit most of “Stranger Things” fans, particularly in an on-going debate in a Reddit thread. The producers of the show and Netflix already announced that Season 2 will be aired on October 31 this year.

'Stranger Things' The Future

Also, on the very first trailer of the show, it shows numerous words which were confirmed to be the title of its episodes. One of the creative team of “Stranger Things” also commented on the titles that were released. According to him, those are just some of the titles and some were not yet released to maintain the element of surprise on the show. The Duffer Brothers (co-creators) also commented on the future of “Stranger Things”.

Ross and Matt stated that the future for “Stranger Things” is already laid on the ground. As of the moment, they are keeping their original plan which is a four to five-year span of “Stranger Things’. They are more than happy with the result and popularity that they are getting. However, they are just trying to keep things simple for the moment. If it is still positively received by the people after four or five seasons, then an impending extension will be immediately discussed, as stated by the creators.

“Stranger Things” Season 2 will be focused on Will Byers. As shown in the final episode, Byers was not normal when he went home. Apparently, what had happened Upside Down isn’t that easy to forget. Also, Millie Bobby Brown or her character as Eleven is in great danger of being cut as source states.

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