Condomless Male Birth Control Shows Promising Results

When it comes to contraceptives, coils and implants, women have long been noted to be doing all the work. However, a significant number of experts have recently revealed that male birth control has finally arrived. The study suggests that men will soon be able to take on the burden of birth control as a new product named Vasalgel has been found effective at preventing conception in rhesus monkeys.

The researchers explain that the non-hormonal contraceptive gel is designed to be reversible and less invasive as compared to the traditional and commonly known process of vasectomy. Experts say that the so-called "reversible vasectomy" is one step closer after a major breakthrough study. However, if by any chance that a man decides to stop taking pill and have a child, researchers said that the gel can be flushed out to restore sperm flow.

Vasalgel: The New Male Birth Control

As experts described it, Vasalgel works by blocking the sperm that is typically passing from the testicles to the penis after being injected into the vas deferens. In one of her statements reported by Daily Star, Catherine VandeVoort, the study's lead author from the California National Primate Research Centre, has claimed that for decades now, men's options for contraception have not changed much. In line with this, researchers believe that vasalgel could most likely be the first long-acting, non-hormonal, potentially reversible male contraceptive to reach market.

The Study On Vasalgel

According to reports revealed by Healthcare Packaging, last year, The World Health Organization has investigated a certain male hormonal contraceptive jab that claimed to be as effective as the female pill. Apparently, it turns out that a variety of unwanted side effects has prevented the product from being launched. As of the press time, the study on vasalgel was found to have been funded by The Parsemus Foundation, a non-profit organization that allegedly plans to begin human trials once funding is secured.


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