Apple iPhone 7S Will Keep Its Aluminum Chassis

There's not a single day that goes by without hearing a word about the next-generation of iPhones. It has been pointed out many times that Apple might be refreshing its iPhone line with three new devices this year. However, what remains unclear is what similar traits these three phones will have. It has already been established that one of the supposed 2017 iPhones, currently dubbed as the iPhone 8, will be the most premium variant among the three. However, what's still vaguely explained is the two other iPhones' specs sheet. Reports and leaks always discuss the iPhone 8 while the two other devices that are currently referred to as the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus remain a blurry vision.

Apple iPhone 7S Specs

Nevertheless, one important thing has been added to the small list of rumored iPhone 7S specs and that is its aluminum alloy chassis. Apparently, since the iPhone 8 will be the most premium iPhone to be released this year, it is expected to sport a more high-end hardware. It was said that the premium phone will ship with a stainless steel frame and a design that's described as "glass sandwich". As per GSM Arena, the iPhone 7S will be a 4.7 inch iPhone that will sport a hardware material identical to the previous iPhones' which were made of aluminum alloy. Additional information about the apple iPhone 7S is that its aluminum alloy chassis supplier is Catcher Technology, as per Digi Times.

Apple iPhone 7S Plus Specs

The iPhone 7S Plus on the other hand still has unconfirmed specs. Nevertheless, fans can just assume that its hardware won't be any different from the iPhone 7S'. There's also good chance that the next-gen regular iPhones will pretty much look like last year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Upgraded internals may be all that the new S-models will boast of when they get released. So far, the limelight is obviously more directed towards the iPhone 8 as it is expected to bring in all the high-end and high-tech iPhone features that Apple can offer this year. However, recent reports say that the premium features has a price to match them as the iPhone 8 is predicted to cost more than a thousand dollars.

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