‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 361 Latest News And Updates: February Deadline Given To Yoshihiro Togashi To Finish Work

Due to the long delay of its release, rumors are going around that "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361 is not going to happen. The manga series ended with chapter 360 and no additional chapters were released after that. However, there are current rumors suggesting that chapter 361 is coming. Can fans hold on to these rumors?

Togashi's Failing Health Caused The Delay

The failing health of its writer, Yoshihiro Togashi apparently caused the delay of "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361. Suffering from some ailment, he was not able to continue his work on the manga series. This situation has caused the publisher, Weekly Shonen Jump to remedy the situation before the fans lose interest in the manga series.

The Publisher Imposed A Strict February 2017 Deadline

It has given strict instructions to Togashi to complete his work on "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361 before February 2017 ends or he will suffer the consequences. Apparently, the publisher told Togashi that he will be replaced by new writers to finish the work on the succeeding chapters of the anime if he is not able to comply with the imposed deadline.

A Replacement Writer Could Complete "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361

Recent reports indicate the Weekly Shonen Jump has already shortlisted its list of replacement writers. The shortlist includes Naoko Takeuchi, Togashi's wife. She had been shortlisted apparently because she already knew of the work done by her husband on "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361 and is in a better position to complete it than other replacement writers.

Togashi Might Be Able To Return To Work

However, there are also rumors that Togashi might return to work soon. Reports said that he has been seen enjoying his time with other manga artists in a Manga and Anime event. If this is true, he could already be recovering his health. That means he might be ready to start on his work on "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361 again.

Whatever the case, fans are now sure that they will see "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361 soon. If Togashi will not be able to make it, his wife Takeuchi surely will. Weekly Shonen Jump will make it sure to keep the fans of the anime manga series happy.

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