‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 361 Rumors: Manga Creator To Be Replaced By New Writers By February 2017 Deadline?

The fan base of "Hunter X Hunter" is facing a serious crisis. There are persistent rumors that the hit manga series will be canceled. This rumor spread after Yoshihiro Togashi, its creator, has failed to report to the publishers to continue his work. After many months of waiting, avid fans of the manga anime are now thinking that the rumors of its cancellation are true.

Was Togashi Forced To Give Up His Rights?

A recent report indicated that Togashi could have been forced to give up his rights to the manga because of the considerable delay in the release of chapter 361. The publishers are apparently resorting to this move so that work on the manga will be resumed by giving the task to fresh writers. There are also rumors that say Naoko Takeuchi, Togashi's wife, will take over by being involved with the "Hunter X Hunter" team.

Naoko Takeuchi is the creator of "Sailor Moon" and is herself an award-winning manga artist. She will join the "Hunter X Hunter" team on behalf of her husband. Some even believe that she has already begun her work on a new script for the manga.

New Writers Are Being Tapped For The Manga

Rumors are also circulating that the editors of "Hunter X Hunter" are thinking of asking the help of Sui Ishida, the creator of "Tokyo Ghoul." Apparently,he will replace Togashi. Ishida said that he admired the manga created by Togashi's along with Hisoke, the anti-hero of the anime.

The numbers of disappointed readers of "Hunter X Hunter" are growing. They have been waiting for a new chapter but its release date is still uncertain. Apparently, the reason for this fiasco is the deteriorating health condition of Yoshihiro Togashi, its creator. Could this be the real reason why the publishers are thinking of replacing him with fresh new artists and writers?

Shueisha, the publisher of "Hunter X Hunter" cannot be blamed for thinking about other options. Allegedly, Togashi is suffering from back pains which are not improving. This led him to take another break. However, many avid fans of the manga are already growing impatient. And the publishers must have realized this so they are now thinking of hiring new writers and artists.

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