Julian Assange Finally Activated His Twitter Account

Although WikiLeaks usually make its controversial revelations through its portal and social media network Twitter, its leader Julian Assange has been characterized by not having an account, being one of the few really famous people that don't exist on the blue bird platform. Nevertheless, he recently made the decision of making the highly-expected appearance on Twitter, but not for political reasons or anything related to the pro-transparency organization.

Julian Assange Addressed The Conspiracy Theories That Claimed His Death

Believe it or not, the reason behind this incredible act was to make it clear that he was alive, given the fact that many rumors related to his death were rolling out in the social media recently. On his tweet, Julian Assange just said that the several rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated in a curious plot.

Julian Assange Initially Opened His Twitter Account Back In 2011

Although his appearance in Twitter is something extremely surprising, it is important to note that he originally opened his account back in 2011. However, the lack of activity led him to stop using the platform. In fact, since he´s got back to the social media, there´s only two tweets from his account: the first one in which he addressed the conspiracy theories claiming he is dead, and a simple retweet from the official WikiLeaks Twitter account.

Lately, Julian Assange has been in the spotlight, thanks to his major role in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. It can be recalled that WikiLeaks published classified material from the personal email of Hillary Clinton´s campaign chairman John Podesta, which was quite decisive in Donald Trump´s victory because of the way this harmed Clinton´s image.

After the elections, U.S. intelligence agencies publishes a dossier in which it was showed that WikiLeaks´ source were Russian hackers aligned with the Russian government. Apparently, these hackers are really interested in getting Trump elected as the new chief of state. Nevertheless, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks has denied these accusations several times.

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