'Nintendo Switch' Revives The LAN Party, Will It Be A Hit?

The Nintendo Switch is going to be pushing local multiplayer, complete with the Joy-Con controllers that will allow two players to play together right out of the box and even support for split-screen on a single device. Currently, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is already supporting up to eight consoles to connect over Wi-Fi for local multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch To Feature True LAN Capability

But this week, TheVerge reports that Nintendo has subtly announced in their Splatoon 2 preview that the Switch will also be capable of bringing true, offline LAN connections as well, with up to 10 docked consoles able to connect together via Ethernet.

Taking The Extra Step To Make It Happen

But of course, this is Nintendo, so it's pretty obvious that people will definitely need to make the extra purchase in order to make it happen. Since the Switch dock currently lacks an Ethernet port, owners need a USB-to-Ethernet adapter.

Hori is currently selling a fancy, Nintendo-approved Switch-licensed one for $29.99, but practicality-wise, any adapter should do. You will be needing the adaptor to be able to connect with multiple Switch consoles at once.

Disadvantages To Look Out For

Another downside is, while older Nintendo consoles already featured multiplayer over Ethernet, they still rely heavily on Nintendo's online servers, so if your internet is down or if Nintendo is having a bad day, you would be unable to connect even if you were simply trying to connect to a console in the same local network. The Switch is the first Nintendo console since the GameCube to be offering true LAN play and is yet another indication that Nintendo is taking local multiplayer seriously this time around with the Nintendo Switch.

Other Switch Games To Benefit LAN Feature

According to Express, Splatoon 2 is currently the only title that's been announced to support the said feature, with up to eight local combatants and two spectators able to connect altogether. However, it's easy to look forward that Nintendo could also bring the feature to other titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as well, which could benefit from the local LAN support.

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