Nintendo Switch Update: Are The Expensive SD Cards A Big Disadvantage?

Nintendo has officially revealed some full specifications for its upcoming soon-to-be-released Switch console. However, it has stopped short of detailing the gaming console's CPU set up.

Specifications for the Nintendo Switch

In a new page on its UK website, the Japanese gaming company has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will measure in at 102mm x 239mm x 13.9mm with the Joy-Cons attached, and will tip the scales at 297 grams or 398 grams depending on whether or not the controllers are tacked on.

Video output is listed as 1920x1080 running at 60-frames-per-second, while the built-in 6.2-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen display offers 720p resolution.

Storage and battery life

According to TheInquirer, it's also confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will be compatible with microSD, microSDXC and microSDHC memory cards intended for expanding the console's 32GB onboard storage and that it will be packing a non-removable 4310 mAh battery that will take roughly 3 hours to charge from empty to full.

However, this will only get you between three to six hours of battery life, depending on what game you're playing, which is pretty much a bummer.

Nintendo will not spill all the beans

Other than what has been said above, Nintendo hasn't been detailing what else will be found under the hood and saying nothing more but the fact that the Switch will come with a customized Nvidia Tegra processor. While Nintendo is keeping it quiet, multiple sources claim that the Switch will run on a chipset similar to what is inside Nvidia's Shield TV.

Forbes claims to have more information about the Nintendo Switch's internals and claims that the custom Nvidia chip has four ARM Cortex A57 cores recorded at a max of 2GHz to go along with the 4GB worth of RAM, while the system's GPU will feature 256 CUDA cores.

Pre-order now!

Pre-orders for the console have already begun in the UK over at Game and Amazon. The console is slated to have a £280 price tag and will officially start shipping on March 3.

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