‘Fairy Tail' Chapters 522, 523 Spoilers: Zeref Kills Gray For Real? Gildarts Fights Off August

The latest chapters of the manga novel of “Fairy Tail” has just been released and the story is going forward to yet another heart racing part. Chapter 522 has Zeref facing off with Gray and this might just be the latter’s final exit. Chapter 523, on the other hand, reveals more of Gildarts going against August.

“Fairy Tail” chapter 521 introduced two of the many awaited encounters in the manga’s current arc. The latest two chapters, which were released on Valentine’s Day, too, put to light more of what might take place between the two important encounters. The first encounter is the one between Natsu’s trusted ally, Gray and Natsu’s long lost brother, Zeref.

Zeref, who is actually also the main villain in this series, goes up against Gray to eliminate the obstacles that are keeping him from taking the Fairy Heart. By the end of “Fairy Tail” Chapter 522, Zeref sort of whispers an unheard apology towards Natsu for what he was about to do with Gray. It is safe to assume that Zeref might finally kill off Gray and this time, Gray will not be coming back from the dead.

Gray has cheated death many times because of advantageous circumstances but his fight with Zeref might be the last fans will see of him. Gray is badly wounded to make any attacks that will affect Zeref except for one, his trump card. If Gray decides to use Iced Shell, which he learned from his mentor, to stop Zeref, that means he would still lose his life since he would need to sacrifice himself for that magic.

Heading on the “Fairy Tail” chapter 523, the fight between Gildarts and August takes place and it will determine who is strongest after all. Gildarts came to the rescue just in time to stop August from annihilating the whole Kingdom. Gildarts is the highest ranked and strongest mage in the Fairy Tail Guild and he is known to make his fights short and effective. But it seems like his fight with August, a mage who is adept with magic more than Zeref will be a tough one, making Gildarts have to protect not just the kingdom but his reputation as well.

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